One of the things I love — LOVE!!! — about homeschooling is the ability to tailor the curriculum to each child. Not everyone learns in the same manner, so my kinesthetic learner is not going to excel if the lesson is geared toward my visual or auditory learner. Of course, it’s helpful when a student can learn via a combination – but as I said, every child is different. This year one of my main goals is to pull up some lessons as I revert back to my own memories of days languishing in the heat of a brick-and-mortar school that definitely didn’t provide air conditioning for anyone who didn’t work in the office!

Ah, I can still vividly recall the permeating scent of cafeteria food (gross!). One of the most favorite hallways to stroll through though – if you can even say such a thing about school – was the hall where home ec was taught. Yes, the smell of fabrics from sewing class and fresh wood shavings from wood shop were part of that. But the best smells came from the room where we had cooking class! I still remember when some boys in our class added salt in place of sugar for a simple pancake recipe! But cooking was – and is – such an important life skill that our school included it in the curricula. Unfortunately, I know of many schools where lack of funding prohibits things like a good art, music or home ec program, Not so in this school setting!!!

As we delve into lessons about various cultures around the world for history, I have brainstormed ways to make some of these lessons sink in a little more solidly with some of my children. The visual learner may well remember facts read from the pages of the book, but the kinesthetic learner needs just a bit more to really grasp the differences of time periods, cultures and such. So – on to culinary lessons!!! Sammy will be starting a more formal course this coming January that starts with the basics of making eggs and moves up through breads, meats, fruits and veggies and even includes lessons on meal planning. And if he wants more, well — thank goodness the boy has a mama who loves to play in her kitchen!!! So — if any of y’all have some ideas for (shhhh!) Christmas gifts for a new young chef, please let me know. Thanks much! Meanwhile, I will be busy with some great things I’m planning to make for Thanksgiving!

Go play in YOUR kitchen! Love,